Thank you for your interest in purchasing CDs or DVDs of the Morgan State University Choir! We currently have 7 different products available:

1. A single CD entitled "Precious Lord" for $15
2. A single CD entitled "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes" for $15.
3. A single CD entitled "Hailing the Millenium" for $15.
4. A double CD entitled "Powerful Spirit" for $20.

We are currently in the process of linking our site to a secure server, hopefully completed very soon, so that one might be able to purchase these products securely online and we will automatically send out the requested items (plus postage and handling).

To purchase CDs or DVDs for now, please e-mail my assistant, Mr. Donald Tynes at Please leave a message; he is very good about getting back to people.

Many of you may have seen the MPT Special on TV "Joyful Celebration" - a telecast originally aired over 10 years ago, featuring a special alumni choir including the best students to work with Dr. Nathan Carter during his 25 year tenure at Morgan State University (in 1995) totaling over 200 choir members! Unfortunately, this DVD cannot be sold! We, Morgan State University, do not have rights to distribute or even make copies of this production, which was produced by Maryland Public Television. In fact, MPT does not have any rights to sell copies of this telecast. However, if you make a donation to MPT at a special price point, they will send you copy as a gift.

Please feel free to contact me in the future with any questions or concerns at Thank you.

As we are always updating our inventory, please feel free to give Donald Tynes, a cal regarding obtaining the most recent inventory at 443-885-3507.